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Tips for Being an Awesome Moderator

  • Schedule a meeting with your Webinar Owner before the webinar to learn the extent of what involvement they would like for you. Find out if they want you to:
    • Participate live in the chat, answering as many questions as possible
    • Delete or edit chat posts from attendees
    • Ban users
    • Broadcast user chat messages
    • Create chat messages of your own, quoting what was said live in the webinar, so that they can be broadcast
    • Look over Chat Settings. While these settings are for the Sidebar control panel they are similar to the Control Panel Room.
  • After the Webinar Owner has “Entered the Room” join the webinar.  You’ll want to join prior to the scheduled time. This way you can help the co-presenters get adjusted to their camera and microphone controls, help with soundchecks, etc.
  • Login three areas, the live room, the control panel and in another browser, log in as an attendee. Once you’ve helped with the soundchecks, you’ll probably close the live room.
  • Use the control room to moderate the chat and communicate via chat with the Webinar Owner, presenters, or other admin.
  • If your Webinar Owner would like you to, use the broadcast button to highlight key discussions on the chat.
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