Tips for Being a WebinarJam Presenter

Before the Webinar

  • You will need:
    • A Webcam, or camera and microphone.
    • Headphones or Earbuds are recommended to prevent echoing.
    • We recommend having your Webcam at eye level or just above.
  • Ask your Webinar Owner how they would like you to promote the event.
    • Some events may be private to specific members and may need no promotion at all, and with others- the more the merrier!
    • Be clear what the Webinar Owner wants or expects from you in terms of promotion before and after the webinar.
  • Know the style of the webinar owner. Find out before hand what they expect you to bring to the webinar.
  • Join the webinar 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time. You’ll be forwarded to the webinar room when the Webinar Owner opens it.
  • But you may need the time to add the WebinarJam Plugin. It depends on your browser,
    • Once you’re there test your camera and microphone.
    • Be sure your camera is at eye level or just a bit above.


During the Webinar

  • Look at your webcam, don’t look down. Looking at your webcam is the way you make eye contact with your audience.
  • Don’t fidget or be nervous. The best energy is positive, upbeat and slightly animated.
  • Let your Webinar Owner determine the flow. Don’t hog the camera in a group presentation unless you’re the featured speaker.
  • Avoid jargon that the attendees may not understand, if you use it, define it.
  • Even if you aren’t speaking, be sure you’re “on”. You never know which camera the Webinar Owner is focused on.
  • Remember you can mute your microphone or turn off your camera by pressing the microphone or camera icon at the top of the webinar screen


After the Webinar

  • Arrange to hang around Twitter, Facebook, or just stay in the chat room a few moments to respond to any questions or comments that didn’t get addressed during the show.