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It’s time to set up your first WebinarJam Express session!


As we all know, practice makes perfect. Whether you’re an old pro at setting up webinars or just starting out, creating a webinar with friends is a great way to get familiar with setting up WebinarJam and running a live session. Jamming with Friends Express is designed to help you get your webinar set up quickly and on screen easily.

So, let’s get started!

The menu below may make this seem like a long process, but it’s not. We promise. We have broken down the steps as much as possible to provide the best assistance, and most clarity.


Your New Webinar

Your first step is to select “New Webinar” from the top menu (Marked Below with an Arrow). We’ll explain more about the other sections soon.

New WebinarJam Session




Choose WebinarJam Express Configuration

Now, you have two different configuration options; Express and Full.

For “Jamming with Friends” use Express (on the left below), which is quickest to set up and easiest to run. Express uses The WebinarJam Live engine, which means you don’t have to worry about connecting to YouTube or Facebook.




Configuring Your Webinar

The first, and possibly most important, section is under Configuration. On the left side is your Webinar Information. On the right side are Presenters.

Webinar Information

Webinar Info

You’ll be able to customize the information for your registration page in a later step. This creates a name and description online and on your dashboard.

Webinar Name

This is for your own reference and is what appears on your dashboard among your list of other webinars. Choose a name that is descriptive and easy to identify, such as “First Jam Session” (Marked #1 Below). This will help you sort through your webinars in the setup.

Webinar Title

The Webinar Title is the title that appears to the public. In this case, you can name it “Jamming with Friends”. In future webinars, you want the name to be something that will appeal to your registrants (Marked #2 Below).

Webinar Description

Here, you’ll add a description such as “My first Jam Session with my friends”. This description will be public. Like the above title, you want it to be something that is relevant and appeals to your audience (Marked #3 Below).

Webinar Language

Do your attendees speak a language other than English? Choose one here. Your attendees will be able to see the webinar interface and pages in the language of your choice (Marked #4 Below).


Webinar Presenters and Admins

Now it’s time to set you up as the Webinar Owner and one friend as Co-presenter (Right Side Above).

For this WebinarJam Express, add one or two friends. In the Live Webinar Broadcast section of Jamming with Friends, you’ll learn how to bring in additional people.

NOTE: Depending on your package you may only be able to add 2 co-presenters, but you change out your co-presenters during your webinar.

Webinar Owner

The owner is always the first presenter added. The Webinar Owner is the person who must start and end the webinar. And the information from your account automatically displays here. You can click on the pencil (Marked #5 above) to change the information, add a bio and image.

You typically want to be the Webinar Owner. You will have a WebinarJam sidebar control panel, which means you control everything the viewer sees. You also have administrator controls over other presenters in the webinar.

As you can see above, the Webinar Owner has a monitor and a microphone icon under their name.

After you have edited the Webinar Owner information, you can go to the box below and fill out the name, email, and bio for your co-presenter. You will need to press “ADD” for their information to save.


A webinar Presenter will have the WebinarJam sidebar control panel, which means they can control things the viewer sees. In this image you can see they have only a microphone under their name.

There are also Moderators, but those can only be set up via Full Configuration.

Once you’ve added a co-presenter, click “Confirm”! If the Confirm is not Green (Marked #6 Above), then you missed a field. Look for a red line, this will show you which field may have accidentally been skipped.

How To Edit a Presenter

The system automatically sets you up as the Webinar Owner and the first presenter. If you need to edit or change the information, simply click the pencil beside the person’s name (Marked #5 Above). This will bring you back to the editing screen.

Change Photo

Click Change photo to add a 500 x 500 image. While you are live, this image will display if your camera is off. If your image is not square, it will distort.

Name and Email

Add the presenter’s name. The use of extra spaces, symbols, or non-alphanumeric characters is not recommended. Beneath the presenter’s name is their email address. You must use different emails for each person on this page or their links will not work.


Be sure to press save so the information saves.



Webinar Schedule


Now, it’s time to set a date and time for your “Jamming with Friends” webinar.

Webinar Schedule

Here you can choose between a “Right Now” webinar or “Schedule It” (Marked #1 Below).

Right Now webinars do not have a registration page or thank you page to worry about. For this webinar, you want to wait until your friends can join you. So, select “Schedule It” and we’ll show you in a the coming chapter how to let your friends know about it.

Click the calendar (Marked #2 Below) to choose a date. Click the clock icon (Marked #3 Below) to choose a time. This is a 12 hour clock with AM and PM. Next is time zone. You’ll want to select the time zone you are in and plan to run the webinar from (Marked #4 Below).

Be sure to press the add button (Marked #5 Below). After you press add you will see a session number box appear (Marked #6 Below). Once everything is set up, CONFIRM will be green. Press “Confirm” to save that section (Marked #7 Below).



Your Registration Page

Choose a Template

You can choose from several different templates. Use the slider to scroll down and see additional options (Marked #1 Below).

If you want to change the way they are sorted, click the box that says, “Newest at the top” and change it to, “Best Converting”.


While the thumbnails are nice, you will want to see what the design looks like full page. Click the eye to preview the template (Marked #2 Below).


When you mouse over a template you will see a “Customize” button appear. Click “Customize” to edit the template (Marked #3 Below).


Customizing Your Registration Page!

The next steps vary depending on which template you choose. Some may have videos, some have a smaller image to the side, text, or a background image.

With the “WebinarJam Page Builder” you can change fonts, font color, and much more throughout a page. We’ll discuss just a few important aspects to add to your page. But if you need more information see: Using our Registration Builder

NOTE: The Webinar Time block is not able to be edited.

Button Text

Depending on the template you choose, you can change the button color or text. For example, “Join Now!” is a popular choice (Marked #1 Below).

Add Presenters

Each Template displays Presenters a little differently. You can add their name, image, and a brief bio. We recommend you keep the bio a consistent length if you have multiple presenters (Marked #2 Below).

If you change presenters after creating the page, you will need to manually change your presenters on the Registration Page


Give your webinar an interesting title, so viewers will want to sign up. For our purposes now, “Hey Friends! Join me in a Jam Session,” should work. For future webinars, you want the headline to be appealing to your potential registrants (Marked #3 Below).


Depending on the template you choose, you may be able to add a description in a number of different ways. Talk about the benefit of attending the webinar, what pain it eases, or what pleasure it will bring. (Marked #4 Below).

Save Your Page

Once your edits are complete, click “Actions” at the top right (Marked #1 Below).

Here, you have several options. Be sure to press Save if you want to preview. “Cancel and exit” will remove any edits you’ve made on this editing round.

If you’re done with the page, press “Save and Exit” (Marked #2 Below).


Keep Your Registrants Updated

Of course after all this work, you don’t want your friends to forget about the webinar, so you’ll want to set up some webinar notifications so they’ll be reminded!

Welcome and Last Minute Emails

The Welcome and the Last Minute emails are both added to webinars already. That is why the “Add email” button is grayed out (Marked #1 Below).

These two emails are very important to helping your registrants know their registration was successful, and reminding them the webinar is starting soon. To edit the email, be sure to click the pencil (Under #1 Below). Read more about editing the email below the image.

If you want to delete the message click the red x (Under #1 Below).

Pre and Post Webinar Emails

These two emails are not added automatically; to add them, click the “Add Email” button (Marked #2 Below). For more information on why these emails are important read How Notifications Help Your Webinar Succeed.

NOTE: Post Webinar emails are based on the webinar start time, not after it ends. If you expect to have an hour long webinar, you will schedule the post webinar email to be two hours after the webinar.


Editing Your Email

You can translate “Webinar Title” and “Webinar Description” into a different language, add more information, add a link to your Attendee Pre-Webinar Checklist or add any other documentation you want to send to your registrants. See the image below.

Time (Marked #1 Below)

Emails can only be sent out on the hour. Emails scheduled for after the webinar ends are actually timed from the start of the webinar, so you will want to use 2 hours for 1 hour after your webinar. This is because the duration cannot be pre-determined, so using the start time enables you to properly schedule your follow-up.

Edit(Marked #2 Below)

The fonts and contents of the email can be edited with the text editor.

Shortcode (Marked #3 Below)

The shortcodes on the right side can be used in your webinar to provide information for your attendees (Marked #4 Below).

NOTE: Please be careful not to edit the shortcodes, as they provide date, time, and presenter information directly from your webinar configuration, and editing can break them.

Test Email (Marked #5 Below)

To send a test notification to an email address other than your default email, use the Test email.

NOTE: Test emails contain the shortcodes, rather than actual information.

Save (Top Right Corner)

Be sure to click save in the upper left after you are done creating your emails.


After you have saved, confirm the changes to the Notifications section, then save and next to save the whole page. (Marked #3 in the image Above)





You finished setting up your first webinar! This may have taken a little longer to do than the 60 seconds it says on the Express page, but after this first webinar it will go much faster!

Next, we’ll discuss how to go Live with Your Webinar!

  • Going Live with WebinarJam may seem like a scary task, and but this section explains the steps to starting your webinar session correctly, so your attendees can see you, running the webinar, and ending it correctly!

    Jamming With Friends Live Event

    What happens after Jamming with Friends?

    This chapter is optional but provides you with the basics many of our users like to explore after their webinar is over.

    After Your Jamming With Friends Event


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