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We cover all aspects of any Genesis Digital software: WebinarJam, EverWebinar and Kartra. We answer questions about marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, time management… simply bring your burning questions to the session and we’ll help you find the right answer for you and your business.

Here’s a list of the previous session replays. Each link takes you to the WebinarJam replay interface, so any demonstrations of WebinarJam features can be seen.


Previous Q&A Sessions


November 14, 2017

07:00 – What can I do to make sure my co-presenter’s video is smooth and doesn’t jump when we are live?
20:43 – Can I do a Facebook Live and Youtube Live together?
25:48 – How can I make sure I get referral commissions for people buying WebinarJam from my webinars?
27:01 – If an attendee’s internet speed/bandwidth is low, does WJ automatically lower their viewing resolution without affecting anyone else’s resolution?
27:55 – Does the admin control panel also take up bandwidth as we present?
30:50 – Does WebinarJam do any marketing for promoting my webinars, other than the OnDemand directory? Also, is there a way to check that Twilio is connected properly?
33:30 – Is it possible to bring in attendees with audio-only when they raise their hands using JamCast?
34:26 – How can I see the list of attendees in the Control Panel?
38:36 – Is there a way to turn off an EverWebinar for some time?
42:06 – In a webinar series, is it possible to turn off notifications temporarily if a webinar in the series will be skipped?
43:00 – Do you have Zapier integration?
43:45 – What webcam resolution do you recommend for webinars using Jamcast? What are you guys using?
45:26 – I have WebinarJam with the Jamcast Upgrade and EverWebinar. Can I use the Jamcast plan to host my EverWebinar videos?
48:39 – What is the origin of man, or are we simply in a holographic world?
50:44 – One of you mentioned a while ago there will be an additional fee for one of the new features in WebinarJam 3.0. Is there any?
51:39 – I want to use an affiliate system. Any recommendations? Would I be able to track who is referring specific traffic to my webinars?
55:46 – If we just copy and paste the affiliate link for WebinarJam into our emails, will it track?

November 7, 2017

04:17 – Does JamCast work with Chrome? What can I do if I have sound problems?
07:15 – How do you split the screen between presenters?
08:24 – How can I reset the Zapier integration?
09:19 – Will we ever have the ability to see the replay at different speeds?
11:29 – Can I edit a replay before it is sent out to attendees? How can I resend the email notifications?
13:51 – How do I test my webinar? What’s the best way to reach the support team?
16:05 – Is there a setting to have both presenters show up because I attempted a test with someone and he could see me but I could not see him?
17:28 – I am designing a presentation and will be using EverWebinar. Can I set up Everwebinar so it doesn’t play the webinar after a certain time?
21:43 – In a webinar, is it possible to mix a Powerpoint presentation with a video, but switching it in/out without having to reload the video?
23:46 – Is it possible for an app operated by the event host to read and parse the contents of the chat channel?
24:34 – Is chat support still being offered?
28:19 – What is Katra good for?
31:09 – Is there a Zapier instructions on how to send Google Sheet info to WebinarJam for registration like there is for GoToWebinar?
34:46 – Is it possible to get a custom URL?
41:06 – How do I inject Vimeo videos in WebinarJam?
42:34 – How can I see the names of the participants during the webinar?
47:09 – Can I test Kartra? How do I get access?
48:53 – What do I do if the new WebinarJam isn’t adding people to my Mailchimp list?
51:04 – What is the best way to re-record a presentation with WebinarJam if I make mistakes?
52:33 – How do I see the time a comment was made in the chat?
52:58 – How can I troubleshoot audio and video problems?
54:27 – Do the numbers of attendees always show on the attendees’ chat boxes?
1:00:45 – Are the Q and A’s recorded?
1:01:39 – How can I make sure my software demo shows up smoothly on my webinar without recording it as a video beforehand?
1:03:34 – What is the latest possible time frame one can update the replay e-mail with links and info within the e-mail going out after the webinar?

October 31, 2017

05:40 – How do I integrate with infusionsoft?
07:13 – How do I upload my email list to a webinar?
09:06 – I have encountered a really weird tech issue with someone not being able to join a live session when using FB Live. Can support help me test it?
11:18 – How do you modify a webinar for a replay for others?
16:09 – Can you put all the internal new WebinarJam integrations into Kartra?
18:56 – Is there a MicroSoft Dynamics integration?
19:52 – How can I have a great webinar using Facebook Live?
24:47 – Can I keep using the old Everwebinar?
24:59 – Do the practice sessions also get recorded?
26:40 – How can I make sure I get high quality replay recordings?
27:25 – How do I troubleshoot problems with multiple presenters?
28:14 – How can I have multiple presenters when using the Facebook Live option?
30:29 – Can I still use the old ClickFunnels integration?
32:06 – Where should I start my WebinarJam training?
35:24 – Can I upload my JamCast recording to YouTube at a later date?
37:12 – Are webinars that use FB Live recorded like the regular webinars?
37:55 – In Everwebinar, what’s the range for the random number of attendees that I can use?
40:13 – Can I open two control panels from different Everwebinars at the same time?
40:59 – Can you use more than one type of tracking pixel in the 3rd Party Tracking System section?
42:25 – Can I broadcast a WebinarJam webinar on Periscope?
42:46 – Can I integrate ManyChat with my webinars?
44:37 – How do I add automated offers, chat and polls in Everwebinar?
46:01 – Do you have any recommendations for an expensive mic to use in WebinarJam?
48:35 – How long does it typically take before the Webinar Replay is available to download?
54:24 – Will you be adding a way to go back or forward on Q&A Tuesdays replays?
1:01:14 – If I have chat on an Everwebinar, would I then enable the Question Box?
1:02:25 – Can I use Kartra to send out emails, instead of SendGrid?
1:02:47 – Can you compare WebinarJam, Everwebinar & Kartra?
1;04:46 – Can I run live webinars with Everwebinar?
1:05:06 – Can WebinarJam owners get a discount for Kartra?
1:05:59 – Is there a trial for Kartra?

October 24, 2017

01:48 – What is the difference between WebinarJam’s on-demand replay viewing and Everwebinar?
04:29 – Does the new WebinarJam have a Lower Thirds feature like FB Live’s Producer App?
06:10 – How can I get better quality recordings of my webinar?
10:00 – Can I have custom registration fields?
15:18 – Is it possible to schedule a Facebook Live Event inside Facebook so people can get a reminder like you can with a regular Facebook Live?
17:35 – Can I embed the webinar inside my membership area? Would that bypass registration?
19:29 – How do you promote a comment in the chat on the screen as social proof?
20:35 – How can I add Facebook pixels and Google tracking code to my webinar?
23:11 – Can WebinarJam be used as a promotional email marketing tool?
24:21 – What are some tips for toggling between USB cameras and Microphones?
27:19 – I would like to test my connection/stream quality before going live. What’s the best way to do this?
29:01 – Can I embed Replica Replay on my website?
30:04 – What is the lag time using the old version?
30:54 – Can I see individual user ratings for my webinar? Can I disable them for a particular webinar?
31:40 – Can we see a second screen from the test webinar?
36:57 – Is there an article or video that you can share that provides clear instructions on how to implement a custom registration page with custom form fields?
39:00 – What is the minimum upload speed I need to broadcast my webcam?
39:51 – The video that played when your Webinar started, how do I get that video to play at the beginning of my Webinar?
41:17 – Can a co-presenter start the webinar instead of the owner?
43:52 – Where can I customize the Waiting Room page?
44:40 – Is there a feature that lets only the presenters see the chat and not allow the attendees to make that choice?
46:23 – If I’m doing a paid webinar, it has to re-direct to a URL outside WebinarJam where they can pay, and then that has to push back to the WebinarJam registration. So with that said, I just built the landing page for the Webinar on my website to first collect payment, and then push to WebinarJam registration upon successful payment. But that means I’m not using the WebinarJam landing page at all. Am I missing something, or does that make sense and is that the best way to do it?
52:33 – I know how to build a registration page and form using other platforms; it’s just the ability to send that info back to Webinarjam that I’m not entirely sure about it. Is there documentation on just the WebinarJam part of the process that you can provide?
53:32 – How long is a webinar replay available? As a host, can I download it at anytime?
58:45 – Is it better to have replays expire or would you recommend keeping them visible forever?

October 17, 2017

01:54 – I just noticed the link inside my WebinarJam account to use the all new Beta WebinarJam. I have a live webinar scheduled for tonight with several registered attendees. Will going into the ALL new WebinarJam and accepting the terms and condition, playing around and experimenting, etc. mess up my webinar I already have scheduled for this evening or any other already scheduled webinars for that matter? Also, does the new WebinarJam still use YouTube Live?
05:20 – I am still having a problem with a user raising their hand. They get disconnected when I try to bring them in. Can you help?
09:01 – Did you set up a new Q&A series? Is there anything we should know in relation with our own webinars?
11:24 – Can you have more than one more webinar going at the same time? If not, can that be done on Everwebinar?
13:03 – Will EverWebinar get the same design update as the new WebinarJam?
14:07 – If someone is unable to locate the live attendees during their webinar, where can they see them?
15:17 – How do video injections get played when using the all new WebinarJam? Do they still have to be hosted on YouTube?
16:29 – I just bought a Roland V1HD switcher. Do you know if I can use it during a live WebinarJam webinar?
19:09 – How do I install the WebinarJam app / plugin?
19:57 – How can I integrate the SMS messages into an autoresponder sequence?
23:03 – If an attendee logs in 2 minutes late and other 5 minutes late in Everwebinar, do they start at the same point in the recorded video?
25:41 – Is Google Chrome required for presenters and those who request to speak due to the extension that gets installed?
27:40 – Is there any way to get the team to make the polls actually work in EverWebinar?
30:08 – Does WebinarJam work with ClickFunnels?
36:10 – What is the difference between Kartra and WebinarJam or EverWebinar?
38:14 – Can I chat with presenters without recording our chat? Or, can I edit later on so it doesn’t show up on the the replay?
41:36 – I wanted to clarify that we only see attendees when they’ve started a chat. If they never chat, then they don’t show in the Control Panel – is that correct?
43:16 – Will there be a recording?
44:53 – Is there a way to set the default transparency for the whiteboard app?
45:50 – Are there Kartra training replays?
47:17 – Any suggestions on the best advertising sites or ideas?
52:20 – If my product is a scheduled appointment using software such as Acuity, can WebinarJam track the booking as a sale?
53:43 – Do you still send relevant news and information by mail?
55:11 – Can you tell me a little more about the Clone option?
57:08 – If I want participants to have a PDF to work with, how can I send it to them before the webinar?
1:00:14 – When I exceed 500 registrants for my webinar, will I be contacted regarding the additional cost just for the one webinar?
1:06:45 – Do any know if there are YouTube videos on how to send out templates on MailChimp?
1:07:01 – Did you as an admin had to e-mail a link or something to the presenter that you want to be an admin?

October 10, 2017

Sorry, we don’t have a replay for this webinar.

October 03, 2017

03:41 – How can I make sure only I’m seeing my Facebook Live webinar?
05:02 – Why is my webinar not showing up in the OnDemand directory?
11:54 – Can I use one WebinaJam account for two companies I own?
14:44 – Is it possible to have half of the screen for PowerPoint and other half for presenter webcam?
16:52 – How can someone upgrade their account?
18:21 – I have set up a multiple session webinar series with 16 sessions that people pay for. However, I seem to only be registered for the first webinar when I test. What do I do?
20:35 – If you use a pretty link for a series, and then later want to do another series with that same pretty link, will it be available?
23:40 – How can I edit the translation to Russian?
26:49 – Is it true that now we can Facebook Live to groups as long as we are the admins?
27:43 – I have been struggling to bring attendees on calls. I have clicked the wrong button and lost them. Can you show exactly what to do to add someone?
30:57 – When can we start broadcasting without YouTube and Facebook and go right through WebinarJam?
32:04 – For the replay, if we edit the video and upload on YouTube unlisted, will YouTube logo show up on the replay?
32:26 – Why can’t speakers use a mobile phone?
32:52 – If someone who registered for a paid webinar didn’t receive the confirmation email with their link and password, how can we get that info to them?
33:58 – Can I screen share during a live presentation?
34:28 – Is it possible to have the title and description of a new webinar pushed through to the FaceBook Live post?
35:11 – Can we make the presenter’s image larger?
37:41 – What is JamCast?
38:57 – Do you have instructions on how to integrate WebinarJam with WireCast?
39:43 – Can we register visitors on our own site or do they register with WebinarJam? Also can the webinars be password protected. Can we charge for webinars and which payment processor should I use?
41:11 – How do I screen share my iPad using Reflector or QuickTime player?
42:47 – I tried to upload a PDF version of my presentation and noticed that it is pixelated. Is it just my view that is pixelated and do the attendees get a better view?
44:10 – Can you please explain On Demand? Also, is this where all recorded webinar are stored and accessed?
45:10 – How does attendees get int on a paid webinar? Is it through a code or a link?
45:40 – How do I edit the webinar to add slides?
46:41 – My screen keeps freezing and I have to use the reconnect button to access. What is the reason for this?
48:50 – Can participants request to speak during a live webinar?
49:51 – Where can the how-to video you have shown be found for me to share with attendees?
51:29 – If we have a video on S3 for injection during a live session, is it accessed just once from S3 regardless of the number of attendees?
54:11 – How do we retarget people who landed on the page but didn’t register?
57:13 – How do I share a Powerpoint with the new platform? Do I still need to record it as a video? Is a PDF better?
59:31 – How can I display a Call To Action button when my webinar ends?
1:01:40 – With EverWebinar, you have to purchase Webinar Jam Studio to record. Do you have to do that with WebinarJam?
1:03:59 – Can you show how to setup JamCast?
1:06:14 – I didn’t initially upgrade with JamCast. Was told from support that I needed to upgrade after choosing a provider for a webinar but that didn’t bring up the upgrade. Is there another way to upgrade my account to include JamCast?
1:08:58 – Is there a way to use YouTube videos in EverWebinar?
1:12:46 – If the controls are grayed out or don’t work when I get into the room, what can I do?
1:14:28 – How do I disable the number of attendees option in the room?
1:15:21 – Why is there still no video training, only articles in the help section?
1:16:10 – When we want to pre-record those videos, we want to play within a webinar, do we record it with WebinarJam?
1:16:58 – Is there a Kartra Q&A Link?
1:19:36 – What are the recommended upload and download speeds for best use?
1:20:53 – When can we expect an integration with Leadpages for the new WebinarJam?
1:22:16 – How long is the old WebinarJam going to still be working for us?

September 26, 2017

01:45 – Is there a way to change the background image that defaults to the primary users?
03:49 – I noticed the pre webinar welcome housekeeping video seems to starts to playing from the beginning from the moment I sign in. Does it play from the beginning for everyone regardless of when they join?
04:15 – Does it play for every WebinarJam session?
05:15 – Does WebinarJam work with WireCast?
06:11 – How does one send an E-mail blast from WebinarJam?
13:02 – We are building a presentation using PowerPoint and using WebinarJam for enhancements and the like. Will it be simple?
15:04 – I would like my designer to create a graphic for my intro. Is there a set size for this?
17:31 – I would like to setup a recording as my WebinarJam webinar for paid trainings on demand for my Website. Should I use Everwebinar instead? Once they are paid for the individual or series, do they retain access again after watching first time?
22:05 – Will Just In Time ever be available to use on Leadpages & Clickfunnels?
23:02 – Do you have a countdown feature that can be added to the chat or sign in pages?
23:51 – Can my clients in the class put the question before the class starts in case they miss the class?
25:23 – Does WebinarJam work better or more seamlessly with PowerPoint or Keynote or does it not matter?
30:31 – What will happen if someone’s next Webinar exceeds 500 participants?
33:39 – Is is possible to pre-record the entire Webinar and upload it to WebinarJam?
35:41 – Is a Zapier integration available?
37:07 – Does the Attendees Spotlight automatically play the instruction video for the person raising their hand? Also, is it okay for the host to join the conversation?
38:37 – WebinarJam is not playing PowerPoint animations timings etc. Is this normal?
42:38 – Any idea when Kartra will be available?
46:31 – What is the difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?
48:12 – I did a Webinar using Youtube Live. How can I find the recording on my Youtube channel?
49:57 – Any idea about Kartra pricing?
52:25 – When I watch relay of the Q&A Tuesday Webinar, is there a way I can get the comment or question that I heard in the Webinar to you?
56:15 – Can I save my video or poll questions now for my webinar on Sunday?
56:35 – When someone completes their live webinar, can they edit it for EverWebinar?
1:00:02 – Where will someone get survey results?
1:02:12 – In the chat of the replay, will that question be emailed to me?
1:02:55 – Will the survey results be send in the CSV?
1:03:04 – How does video injection work?
1:04:57 – Can we use videos hosted on Amazon S3 for video injections?
1:05:56 – While using YouTube video in your pre-recorded videos, do the ads show up?
1:06:43 – Any suggestions on how and where to place a pdf book that participants will purchase at the end?

September 19, 2017

01:38 – How do I set up my webinar as a one-time event?
04:34 – Can several people participate in completing a questionnaire sheet using screenshare or should I share a common link to the document?
06:46 – Where can I find the replay for my JamCast?
07:35 – How can someone convert a freeconfrencecall.com webinar into an EverWebinar?
08:39 – Can I change the video injections to new ones for my next session after I’ve compelted a session? Will my previous replay be affected?
12:09 – Any advice on how to get best quality image for webinars?
14:52 – What is the best way to share a Powerpoint presentation?
17:10 – I offer free webinars. Is it different if I charge for a webinar?
19:14 – How soon after my webinar starts should I schedule my email to go out with the replay link?
21:15 – Can someone use JamCast only with WebinarJam or do they need to pay for it in addition?
24:16 – I use the API to register my clients but the live room link still asks for their name and email when they use their live room link. Is there a workaround?
25:45 – Is there a phone number to call for customer service?
26:25 – How long is this Q&A webinar?
27:05 – Can I get a notification when someone signs up for my webinar?
30:48 – Does the WebinarJam platform have the feature of translation and broadcasting in different languages?
31:45 – Is there a more reliable option than Paypal for accepting payments for a webinar?
33:02 – How can I know if I have JamCast?
34:08 – What is JamCast?
34:36 – I saw that I could purchase support for $12 per month. How do I take advantage of that?
35:39 – I read in the training that attendees that are to speak with the presenters are required to use a Gmail login. Is this true?
36:51 – How can people view my replay if I haven’t set it up?
39:05 – Is there any way to track individual stats?
39:59 – Is it true that the Chrome version is disabling cameras?
41:35 – Can someone do email notification with Zapier?
41:50 – I can’t publish an offer on a FaceBook based webinar. Why is this so?
43:44 – If people already register on our site and go into our email responder, should we still integrate WebinarJam with our autoresponder? Can that lead to double confirmation emails?
46:44 – I have a friend who used my link for the $1 trial & she asked me if she will have to pay full price when purchasing WebinarJam or if she can use the discounted rate. I wasn’t sure what to tell her. Can you help?
50:21 – Do you have any training on tagging attendees?
51:47 – What is the best way to increase audience size? Also, how to verify it has been enabled when done?
52:23 – Why is the audio and video not in sync?
54:30 – Will this session have a replay? How do I find it?
55:31 – How can we make sure the a JamCast has ended?
56:26 – This new setup has no dependence on YouTube, is this correct?
57:11 – Does WebinarJam broadcast in FaceBook Groups?
57:48 – Will someone be able to use video injection for WebinarJam and EverWebinar using a video that is hosted on Kartra?
58:57 – What are audience size packages for JamCast?
1:00:43 – Is a so-called “streaming” webcam actually an improvement over something like a Logitech C920?
1:02:37 – If you jump to YouTube broadcast, are you still limited to 3 presenters?
1:03:44 – How do I cancel a session in a series of webinars?
1:05:45 – I converted the MP4 file through Handbrake. How do I use it with my Everwebinar?
1:06:16 – Does WebinarJam have a call-in feature for mobile phones?
1:07:42 – Is there a way to make an EverWebinar look live using a Youtube video?
1:10:42 – Can I upload the file to WebinarJam or only to other programs such as Vimeo Pro or Amazon S3?
1:11:04 – Is there a way to connect my WebinarJam registration to a ClickFunnels registration form?
1:12:52 – Where can I find JamCast?
1:14:45 – I tried to reset the Facebook live page for one of my webinars, but it did not allow me to. Any suggestions?

September 12, 2017

02:16 – When will we be able to use actions and not only trigger while making a zap in Zapier?
07:52 – Can JamCast help us workaround the problem of YouTube blocked by a firewall?
09:01 – Can someone use Google Slides in their webinars?
14:25 – How can I use WebinarJam and Everwebinar for my paid course?
17:19 – Can I add a future schedule to an existing webinar series?
22:29 – How can other virtual assistance log in into my account?
23:03 – Is there a way to figure out how many attendees have an audio or video quality issue?
24:03 – Can I import a list of attendees into WebinarJam?
27:51 – Is there place to show the name of the each person live?
28:28 – Do you think Kartra would allow WebinarJam and EverWebinar to tag people and ask questions in the webinars?
30:25 – What can I do if my mic doesn’t work with WebinarJam?
33:12 – I see a lot of people use recorded webinars to show the 2 upcoming webinar dates to the people who register. How do I do this?
33:45 – How can legacy customers upgrade to JamCast?
34:29 – Is there a way to setup a paid webinar and integrate it with Eventbrite?
35:29 – Is it necessary for the owner to be present on the 5 presenter package or can they invite any 5 people to host the webinar?
36:26 – Do I need ro set up my Youtube account to use JamCast?
42:20 – Can someone stream to Facebook Live without having people register for webinar?
45:51 – I have series and a register button on site. Does it automatically update to the next session in the series?
46:25 – Are offers not available on replays?
47:40 – Do all the presenters need high speed internet or only the host?
48:38 – How can I edit a webinar?
54:02 – My webinar isn’t connected to Facebook, even though the app shows up in my Facebook account. How do I resolve this?
56:07 – How can I change a template video to a static image?
1:02:46 – Can you share the house-keeping video?
1:04:04 – Can I add a registration button to my own site?
1:09:22 – I am facing issue with additional presenter being displayed on the registration page. Can you help?
1:10:59 – What is the difference between EverWebinar and Replica Replay from a functional point of view?
1:15:17 – If I use WebinarJam for Facebook Live, can I still convert it into an Everwebinar?
1:16:31 – Does a presenter have to prepare ahead of time? Also, how long will it take a person to join?
1:18:33 – Can the owner kick someone out of the room?
1:20:30 – I am not able to save an offer when preparing the webinar but I can do it live. Why would this be?

September 05, 2017

Sorry, we don’t have a replay for this webinar.

August 29, 2017

01:52 – Can you tell how instant the video injection is? Also, is there lag like the original WebinarJam?
04:57 – Is there any way to download attendees response to polls and surveys?
11:14 – Can someone record a podcast using WebinarJam?
11:41 – When someone does a Facebook Live Webinar, it wants the guests to also connect with Facebook. Is this necessary? Also, will it post to their page?
13:40 – Can I bring in presenters using a mobile phone?
14:42 – How can I make sure attendees get an email notifications only for the session they signed up for?
15:49 – Who is the webinar owner? Can a co-presenter start the webinar?
17:44 – Are the injected videos also recorded in the recorded mp4?
18:57 – Can you use WebinarJam on your own domain or sub-domain?
19:26 – How can I embed the registration form on a WordPress site?
21:05 – Is there any update on API integration with JamCast and LeadPages?
21:38 – Why can’t I use video upload in Kartra for video injection in WebinarJam and EverWebinar?
22:22 – Is there anyway to put your own design feature on the replay page?
22:58 – If we are recruiting a live version of podcast using WebinarJam, what the best way to moderate trolls in the chats or we can disable chat entirely?
24:33 – Can you show us what WebinarJam displays when the presenters camera is off? Also, can you display an avatar instead of the camera?
28:35 – Is there any way to display a lower third below each presenters name?
31:30 – Can you provide the link to the replays?
33:40 – Is there any way to integrate a payment option within WebinarJam?
39:15 – Do you have a Zapier integration or API for the registration page?
43:55 – Do presenters need a Gmail account?
44:22 – Can you name 3 main features which makes this service better than GoToWebinar?
47:06 – For video injections, does someone need to upload video beforehand?
47:55 – Does the new WebinarJam service provide an embed code that allows you to stream the video from the Genndi servers just like the embed code from YouTube videos?
49:09 – Is it possible to have a closing video at the end of the Webinar?
53:04 – Can I have somebody chat with me via Skype or mobile phone and then simply share my screen with the audience?
53:39 – How is WebinarJam better compared to EasyWebinar?
54:05 – Is there a way to automatically sign up people from one webinar series that has ended to another one? Is there a way to have free attendance for 2-3 weeks and then charge afterwards?
1:01:25 – Can I upload my content from Instant Tele Seminar to EverWebinar?
1:03:16 – How can I have attendees pay to attend but offer a 30 -ay trial? Also, does WebinarJam interfere with the payment refund for my offers in anyway?
1:05:55 – Why can I not see all the questions from my attendees when I check the control panel even when I scroll down?
1:09:30 – Do you know the resolution for injected video?
1:11:43 – If we inject the Youtube video that has an intro add, will it show up or does it skip straight to the content?
1:14:38 – Can we remove or change the WebinarJam logo from the webinar room?
1:16:00 – Do I have to use JamCast with WebinarJam?
1:16:33 – Is it okay to do webinars for others to promote their affiliate link?
1:20:21 – Why would my Youtube video have views than my webinar analytics when my video is unlisted?

August 22, 2017

02:22 – What is the difference between all the subscription offers?
03:35 – Will you be hosting a demo for Kartra too?
04:18 – Can I buy WebinarJam with a monthly subscription?
04:46 – What is JamCast?
04:43 – I host password protected series of Webinars. If someone needs to be on another
computer for one session, how to handle that as the password connects with the computer
they sign up with?
07:35 – What are the specific bonuses?
08:50 – How can I change or choose the image posted on Facebook when I share my webinar link on my fan page?
10:25 – If someone wants the old WebinarJam, do they need to set up the webinars again there?
13:55 – Has Kartra’s question and answer started?
14:46 – Where can someone find the recorded Webinars in JamCast?
17:35 – Can someone use JamCast for meetings and coaching sessions for different people
at different locations?
18:04 – I am creating a 28 day video class that I want to sell. Is it best to run
something like this on EverWebinar, Kartra Funnels or Kartra Membership program?
23:15 – Is this Q&A being hosted using JamCast?
23:56 – Would it be possible to use OBS with WebinarJam?
24:37 – How do I invite Facebook friends to a JamCast Webinar?
28:02 – How can I delete all registrants from a webinar?
28:40 – Can someone use Vimeo mp4 for WebinarJam or only for EverWebinar?
29:18 – For Facebook streaming, can we stream the video to a private group?
30:57 – What is the best way to see Facebook comments while streaming live via
31:18 – If people were registered for the last week Kartra Q&A, are they registered for
this week also?
33:02 – Is Kartra already live?
33:34 – How can I use WebinarJam 2.5 Webinar on the new Everwebinar?
37:58 – Can I add a slide presentation on-the-fly while a webinar is running?
42:34 – What is price of Kartra?
44:57 – Can Facebook Live comments be highlighted so they appear as on top of the video?
46:26 – Is it necessary to use Google addresses with the new system?
46:50 – Why do you recommended JamCast instead of WebinarJam 3.0 for one-on-one meetings?
48:01 – Is it possible to use teleprompter while using the WebinarJam system? Also, can it
be on the screen enough for the clients to see?
50:01 – Where can I find support and documentation?
53:03 – Is there any way to put the Webinar on the Web page of my site without losing the
characteristics of WebinarJam?
55:13 – Do the existing links in the old WebinarJam go away if we export it to the
55:26 – Are there templates for the countdown page?
56:37 – I have WebinarJam, EverWebinar and JamCast. If I use JamCast with WebinarJam and
make that an EverWebinar and later stop subscribing for that, will EverWebinar still work
with that?
57:19 – Is there a getting started video to do the first Facebook live with
58:22 – Can you point me to the document for Facebook Pixel integration?
59:01 – Does a Webinar viewer’s browser affect quality?
1:01:32 – How do I download the copy of the waiting room video so we can edit to fit our
1:02:12 – Would it be possible to organise my Webinars by themes and folders?
1:02:40 – Can I limit the Request to Speak to audio only?
1:03:23 – How can I connect WebinarJam with ActiveCampaign?
1:06:03 – What will my attendees see when my max attendance is reached?
1:06:48 – If someone is on the JamCast with 500 people and that person has the Webinar coming up where there will be 800, will that person get one day pass or will that person needs to upgrade the package?
1:09:44 – Can I share a Keynote presentation with the new platform?
1:09:59 – Are Webinar videos shown on Facebook Live and YouTube?
1:10:16 – Can someone use videos hosted on Kartra in EverWebinar?
1:15:08 – Can you send the link for the live training video for the guests?
1:15:53 – How can I get the JamCast package?
1:21:20 – Do you have any bench mark reports for registrants, attendees behaviour, replay etc?
1:23:11 – What is the maximum number of people that someone can have in a meeting?

August 15, 2017

Sorry, we don’t have a replay for this webinar.

August 8, 2017

04:13 – What is the pricing structure for using JamCast?
04:48 – When will everyone receive invitation for Kartra?
06:25 – I clicked the new link in my old WebinarJam today and got the message that the login was invalid. Is it because I was in old beta with different login? Also, is there new login information?
07:20 – Will the export function work on EverWebinar as well?
08:17 – Can Kartra Q&A be shifted from 3.p.m to 2.p.m?
09:28 – What is the status of integration with LeadPages and the new JamCast?
10:30 – Is it allowed to export old finished Webinars to the new 3.O?
14:02 – What is JamCast? How do I join JamCast?
15:14 – How to get access to the Kartra Q&A link?
16:39 – How does the Request to Speak feature work?
18:23 – For how long can the old WebinarJam be used?
20:01 – How long is the Kartra Beta going to last?
20:13 – How many maximum hours can I set my replay to expire in the new WebinarJam?
22:10 – What is Kartra?
26:53 – When will Kartra be fully released to the public?
28:40 – When you’ll go live out of Beta on WebinarJam next week, what will be on screen number of participants allowed?
30:13 – What is the difference between Kartra and ClickFunnels? Also, who is better?
33:00 – Will there be a 14-day trial for Kartra?
33-13 – Is there any new minimum requirement to run the new WebinarJam?
34:55 – Do WebinarJam and EverWebinar come with Kartra?
35:13 – Could you please tell the right methods to invite attendees to the webinar using JamCast?
36:50 – How many subscribers can someone add to their autoresponder database with Kartra?
38:57 – As a Beta user, should I have the access for 3.0 and Kartra or would it happen in the next few days?
39:41 – Are there plans or ability to preview the next slide before showing it on the screen?
41:28 – How integrated are the stats between WebinarJam and Kartra?
42:24 – How will Kartra be priced?
42:50 – Will their be a common login for WebinarJam, EverWebinar and Kartra?
43:31 – Where can I find the affiliate link to promote WebinarJam?
44:22 – In the feature list of Kartra, it mentions live chat on Web pages. Can you briefly describe what it allows? Is it like Intercom?
45:44 – How does Kartra compare with new Kajabi?
46:45 – Will Beta users be given discount for using Kartra?
48:10 – Do I need WebinarJam to run ads / offers on my Everwebinar?
49:25 – Can I use different ActiveCampaign accounts in the new WebinarJam?
50:28 – What kind of video camera and microphones are you using?
52:16 – What are best price options to purchase all the platforms?
53:07 – Is Kartra set up to sync with Drip? Does Kartra email work as well as Drip?
53:46 – Will the existing users for Ever Webinar and WebinarJam get new log in for Beta 3.O or will it be same as the live version?
56:44 – Is it safe to have a webinar this week as there will be a change in Beta on Monday?
57:07 – Does Kartra compare to InfusionSoft in terms of functionality?
58:25 – Does the order form feature have customisable, one-click Upsells and Downsells?
59:07 – In Kartra, will we be able to use our own domain and email host?
1:00:00 – Will Zapier integrate with Kartra?
1:00:24 – If someone wants to set up anything in 3.O Beta will it exported to 3.O on our regular account?
1:01:03 – Will Kartra work as a multi-product shopping cart or is it for one product with Upsells and Downsells?
1:02:04 – What approach can we use with WebinarJam to attract affiliates?
1:04:50 – Is Kartra pretty intuitive to learn or is it a big learning curve?

August 1, 2017

20:36 – When will the new WebinarJam be out?
21:22 – Will the new version have a separate login?
22:19 – What will be the cost of Kartra for WebinarJam and Ever Webinar?
24:18 – Will the upgrades be rolled out today?
24:49 – What is the cost of JamCast?
25:14 – Can someone use WireCast with the YouTube Live option?
26:26 – Is the Facebook Live option enabled today?
27:24 – Is it possible to schedule multiple webinar series to pick from the same registration?
28:21 – Will everyone be able to use WebinarJam 3.0 default autoresponder if they don’t have their own?
28:45 – Is a Drip Integration available?
31:17 – Can someone schedule the Facebook and YouTube Live event in advance in Facebook or YouTube?
32:48 – Can people register for a series even if I don’t have the pre-recorded videos added? Can I add or change any videos later?
35:30 – What’s the difference between preloaded file sharing v/s local file shared during the webinar?
36:30 – How do the upgrades work for WebinarJam Lifetime members?
38:01 – Will Kartra landing pages be integrated with WebinarJam?
39:09 – Does someone need Kartra to use the new WebinarJam?
40:48 – Will the upgrades include JamCast and Facebook, but the pricing won’t start until August 14?
41:31 – Will Kartra be able to do surveys to the lists?
42:07 – With WebinarJam 3.O, will everyone be able to use Webinars and EverWebinars without the YouTube logo?
45:48 – Can everyone still use the countdown timers and offers and track the purchases when they are made with the tracking code?
46:10 – Are there any advantages for purchasing WebinarJam now rather than waiting for the launch?
48:55 – How can I change both the color and the text in embed code registration button?
50:23 – Can existing customers purchase WebinarJam and EverWebinar 3.O today or they have to wait till 14th?
51:57 – How can I access the beta for JamCast?
55:13 – How can I upload PDF files on the new WebinarJam?
58:34 – Will Kartra be given as a bonus to the Lifetime members?
59:59 – Is there additional charge to use the new JamCast?
1:01:14 – Can someone purchase EverWebinar without WebinarJam?
1:02:09 – Will it be possible to implement one or several domain names in Kartra?
1:04:04 – Will the login credentials for new WebinarJam be different or changed?
1:05:57 – Is there a Lifetime option for JamCast?
1:06:37 – Will the customers get WebinarJam free with Everwebinar if they purchase it in a day or two? Also which version of it?
1:07:07 – Does one have to sign up now for the second account or wait till 14th?
1:07:28 – Is there a way to broadcast through JamCast, Facebook, and YouTube at the same time?
1:08:12 – Are there tutorials available for upgrading Webinar 2.0 to 3.0?
1:09:43 – What is Kartra and how much would it cost after the beta?
1:12:31 – WillJam Cast work with Kartra video?
1:13:04 – What will be product approval and pricing limits?

July 25, 2017

03:24 – How can I be a Kartra beta user?
03:50 – How does the PowerPoint & Keynote Slide Feature work?
08:51 – Do I need to purchase Kartra again if I already have 3 month bonus access?
28:32 – Will there be a deep integration with Kartra, just like InfusionSoft & ActiveCampaign?
29:50 – Should I set up a series with the current version or wait until the new version is out?
32:16 – Will there be an annual payment option for Kartra during the beta launch?
33:07 – Is there a Hubspot integration in the new release?
34:23 – How can I know that the new version of WebinarJam & Everwebinar is out?
35:26 – Will EverWebinar have the same migration path as WebinarJam?
39:40 – Will EvergreenBusinessSystem continue to be availabe for use?
43:10 – How do I uncheck the New Tab option when setting up a Redirect URL in the new Everwebinar?
46:40 – Can I import a list of people to my webinar?
53:40 – Will there be a limit in video hosting and Kartra during and after the beta? What pricing options are available?

July 18, 2017

02:36 -Can I sell physical products using Kartra?
05:58 – How do I integrate Mailchimp with WebinarJam? How can I segment attendees?
10:21 – Is there a fee for the new version?
11:30 – Will all the customers be getting JamCast along with Beta?
17:55 – Which Kartra promo link should I use for WebinarJam as an affiliate?
22:05 – Is there any limit on the number presenters in the Beta version of WebinarJam?
22:34 – How can I share a Powerpoint from a Mac on Everwebinar?
24:11 – Can I schedule my webinars so people can sign up, and then add the videos later?
31:15 – What is the difference between Replica Replay and Evergreen webinars? How can I save the chat from a webinar for use on other webinars?
34:55 – Does new WebinarJam streaming system determine the best video quality for attendees or is HD the default?
35:53 – Are all the affiliate links with Deal Guardian obsolete?
36:22 – Can attendees fast forward a replay? Will that feature be added?
37:51 – How can I see which version of WebinarJam and Ever Webinar I have?
41:50 – Will people who have already registered for a Series of Webinars have access to the new series?
44:11 – Does the new WebinarJam allow Paid Webinars?
44:26 – Will all the desktop features be supported in all browsers including mobile in the
45:41 – Is there any way to make replays private in the new system?
49:47 – How do automatic videos in Everwebinar look on mobile devices?
50:56 – How can I set up a series of webinars? Can I add a new video to an existing webinar?
56:21 – Is there a link where I can see all the new features available?
59:08 – Can someone pause the video during a webinar and restart it?
1:00:03 – Will older users get the update automatically?
1:01:40 – Will the new features be available to people who are on a trial?
1:03:40 – Can I play copyright music while using JamCast to broadcast?
1:05:38 – Will Kartra support UTM source tracking, reveal traffic source on conversion and split payments in shopping cart?

July 11, 2017

02:09 – Is sync issue normal in the WebinarJam?
03:19 – How many attendees can a WebinarJam webinar have?
08:01 – Is there a setting through which someone can see questions and chat but other participants can not?
09:35 – Does the new WebinarJam use YouTube Live?
12:25 – Can we import an email list to Kartra?
13:27 – What’s the best way to setup a recurring webinar? Are all dates required beforehand?
17:29 – When will the new WebinarJam be open to existing customers?
17:46 – How can I find last week’s Q&A replay?
18:52 – Can I share my entire desktop when screensharing?
23:29 – Is there a way to edit the font in email notifications, or view its source code?
27:09 – Will Kartra have the ability to redirect people to a specific Everwebinar, tracking affiliates and their sales?
32:46 – Is there any limit to the number of attendees using JamCast?
33:16 – How does Facebook Live work with WebinarJam? When would that be available and at what price?
36:54 – What is a Hybrid Webinar?
37:55 – How do I find what version of WebinarJam I have?
40:56 – Will the new JamCast have an app to watch on mobile devices?
41:31 – What are pre-recorded webinars?
45:15 – Why is PayPal not redirecting people to register consistently?
51:19 – What is the date for the launch of Kartra?
52:37 – Is it possible to write on the screen?
1:02:05 – Is WireCast working with the new WebinarJam?
1:02:50 – What does the Video tab look like on the control panel?
1:05:52 – The replay does not allow to fast forward to a particular time. Does the time stand for the questions on the blog or is it for limited use?
1:06:22 – Can we see who clicked an offer on the live webinar or the replay?
1:06:58 – Does JamCast let you download the recording on YouTube?
1:08:18 – Can I insert a pre-recorded video during Facebook Live?
1:09:45 – Is there going to be a Kartra Webinar to see how it works and its features?
1:10:15 – Can we play music directly in the room?
1:12:02 – Is there any delay between the presenter and the attendee in the new WebinarJam?
1:14:08 – How can attendees speak or share their screen?