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We cover all aspects of any Genesis Digital software: WebinarJam, EverWebinar and Kartra. We answer questions about marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, time management… simply bring your burning questions to the session and we’ll help you find the right answer for you and your business.

Here’s a list of the previous session replays. Each link takes you to the WebinarJam replay interface, so any demonstrations of WebinarJam features can be seen. To fast forward to a timestamp for any of the questions, click on the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the YouTube interface in another tab. From there you’ll have full video controls and be able to fast forward to your specific question.


May 23, 2017

19:06 – Why is the button for my autoresponder missing from the new WebinarJam?
21:26 – Does inviting someone to join the room as a guest also give them admin and moderator access? If so, how do you limit that from happening?
25:40 – Is there a way to import the users to the new webinar room?
36:11 – Can you tell us the release date for the new WebinarJam?
39:06 – Is the underlying engine different enough that any of the rare glitches are of the different systems now?
42:02 – I ran into an issue while routing pro-video feeds over WebinarJam. I had previously used something else but it has stopped working since last two weeks. Can you suggest me an alternative?
45:09 – How can I see how many people responded and chose a particular answer on a poll?
49:04 – Can you turn people “off” and not have a film-strip when you are showing a presentation?
51:32 – How do I get access to the Beta version of the new WebinarJam?
51:51 – Can we migrate an event that people have registered for? If not, can you suggest an alternative?
52: 25 – If I join the beta version, will the previously scheduled webinars get interrupted?
52:48 – I am experiencing freezing screens and sound while doing webinar. Can you help me with this?
54:31 – I am unable to use two monitors with screen sharing. Can you help me fix this?
58:32 – Is there a way to offer a product in the middle of a webinar? Has the new version of webinar been tested on ClickFunnels?
01:01:48 – Will the new version of WebianrJam record in HD or full HD. How can we access the recordings?
01:08:00 – Is it possible to download the replay video?
01:09:49 – If an attendee minimizes the chat bar while I show an offer, will she miss the offer since the chat screen is minimized?
01:10:34 – Will you be willing to change the button in that chat and have everything in a single line instead of three dots?
01:14:16 – Are the customizations for registration page also available for the YouTube webinar?
01:16:28 – Will the upload slide function only work with PowerPoint or would it work with PDF as well?
01:25:16 – Will I face issues if I have WebinarJam apps one for the Beta and one for the original WebinarJam?

May 16, 2017

01:33 – Can you send me the link for the Q&A Tuesday Replays?
07:15 – When can we expect the release of WebinarJam 3.0?
10:18 – What is the best way to learn more about Kartra? Also, can you elaborate on different E-commerce platforms?
21:23 – What is the difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?
23:45 – Will the new version of WebinarJam depend on YouTube?
27:28 – In the new version of WebinarJam, where can I get the replay video and in what form? Will it be editable and would I be able to download it in mp4 format?
29:23 – A big difference between Zoom and WebinarJam is that Zoom allows the viewers to see the speakers at the same time as the PowerPoint slides but WebinarJam does not? Is this true?
32:04 – With the new version of WebinarJam, will I be able to broadcast all services at once?
33:13 – In the new version of Webinar, when you do a webinar with Facebook Live, would this get changed for all other webinars as well?
36:46 – When I invited someone as a presenter, it did not allow them to enter the room. What can be done to fix that?
43:46 – Will the new version on Webinar have anything for chroma keying / green screen?
44:37 – I have an online course with 200+ video sessions in a membership area with Wishlist memberships. Will it be possible to import all my sessions in a membership area created in Kartra or do I need to import them one-by-one?
45:36 – Will be able to connect an RMTP stream using WireCast or Open Broadcaster?

May 09, 2017

01:48 – Google closed my account. How can I get my old webinars back and can I do webinars without Youtube?
06:08 – If I make a presentation on PowerPoint and create a video with animation will all of that get uploaded in the WebinarJam or on the new WebinarJam?
07:04 – Can I use Everwebinar with for in-person school events?
09:50 – Can I transfer recordings from other webinar software to Webinar Jam?
011:36 – Will a Kartra-hosted video work for a video injection with WebinarJam and EverWebinar?
12:33 – How do I create a webinar with Webinar Jam since Google Hangouts no longer works?
15:26 – Youtube requires at least 10,000 views to approve my Adsense account. What do I do?
17:09 – Will there still be a delay which you switch from camera to the video injection and back with WebinarJam 3.0 (the latest version)?
18:25 – With the video injection, have you ever experienced a video playing on a big screen and the sound out of sync for a minute?
19:24 – Can you check your YouTube channel for strikes? Do I need to check my channel for strikes for content violations or copyright violations?
20:18 – I am close to my first webinar but in the test replay the slides are a bit fuzzy. What can I do to avoid this?
21:55 – Can you give us a quick demonstration of vMix today?
31:00 – Does the video hosting engine allow videos to be hosted for website embedding also or whether it is just for WebinarJam and EverWebinar?
31:41 – Can I configure all my YouTube channels and switch back and forth?
33:02 – Is the Kartra release coinciding with the WebinarJam update?
33:30 – Will the new WebinarJam 3.0 have additional costs?
35:06 – My YouTube account has been suspended. What should I do?
39:27 – Would your recommend vMix over XSplit?
40:03 – Youtube sends a message to my subscribers when I start a webinar. How can I turn that off?
43:37 – Will the free version of vMix work for more uses?

May 02, 2017

01:56 – What are the best practices for sending SMS notifications?
07:24 – WebinarJam was facing a number of issues since last few weeks. Have they all been fixed?
10:37 – What all do I need to host a webinar?
14:53 – With the new release, will we able to integrate with Facebook Live?
24:12 – When the new platform releases, will I be able to switch to it from JamSession if my webinar is already out for registration?
30:38 – How can I raise an attendee’s hand for him/her?
35:35 – I am able to go through the three audio and video tests. However, when I go live I am unable to turn the mic and camera on. How can I fix this?
37:47 – My chat was not saved at the end of the webinar and the support desk was not able to recover it. How can I avoid from this happening in the future?
40:43 – Are there any plans to have integrated conference calls bridging in addition of VOIP?
42:38 – How can I access the webinar and video injections from the Control Panel?
47:40 – What is the best method of having a client do a testimonial on the live webinar?
51:30 – Can I switch between 2-3 cameras?
53:25 – Is there a way to tag people who join in late in the webinar with InfusionSoft?
55:24 – How do I not automatically save my videos in YouTube?

April 18, 2017

6:38 – My audience is not able to hear or see me even though the chat is working. How can I fix this?
08:14 – What is the experience of selling webinar virtual conference vs selling courses?
19:48 – What are some of the issues that I should be expecting while hosting my webinar?
28:45 – If I have an older webinar and I want to re-run it on JamSession, how can that be done?
39:54 – Can I add “Add to Calendar” links in the pre-webinar emails?
40:51 – How does a payment processor let WebinarJam know that a registrant has made the payment?
42:20 – My attendees are watching the webinar on YouTube instead of WebinarJam to avoid any video or audio issues. Will the video injections work in YouTube?
47:57 – What is the maximum number of attendees I can have on a webinar?
54:17 – What is the minimum bandwidth required to host webinars on WebinarJam?
55:15 – What does the Control Panel look and how do I use it?

April 11, 2017

08:51 – What is the best way to reschedule a webinar when there are already people registered for the original webinar?
17:00 – If there is a change in the schedule of a single presentation webinar, is there a way to notify the registrants via email?
23:44 – When is Kartra Beta starting?
27:51 – How can I move people from one webinar to another if I have sent them the wrong registration link?
33:10 – Will the current WebinarJam users get Kartra automatically without any additional charge?
34:32 – Is there a way to re-engage with people who signed up for previous webinars but did not subscribe for future webinars?
36:59 – How can the chat be imported from WebinarJam to Everwebinar?
47:58 – How can I hide the number of attendees in a webinar?
49:41 – How do I zoom in/out on a window?
55:30 – Will WebinarJam and Everwebinar replace Instant Teleseminar?
56:48 – How long does it take for Active Campaign to update the tags?

April 4, 2017

04:15 – Has the black screen issue been fixed yet?
12:20 – How do I delete old survey results from the Analytics in Everwebinar?
18:33 – How do I protect a list that you don’t want to be copied by others after you have sold it?
20:54 – Is there a need to have multiple hosts on a webinar?
22:30 – What are the advantages of having multiple autoresponders on a webinar?
28:32 – What is Jam Session?
33:03 – Is there a way to tag a person who watched the replay of a webinar as an attendee?
35:32 – When is Webinar Jam 3.0 releasing?
36:16 – What is the best way to do a screenshare with a PDF?
48:40 – How can I hide the chat from attendees, but still see their messages?

March 28, 2017

08:50 – What does “We are allocating a brand new server to your room to ensure top performance” pop-up mean?
10:57 – What is the difference between evergreen features of Webinar Jam and Everwebinar?
13:29 – What is the difference between Everwebinar and Replica Replay?
26:12 – Can attendees make a donation for the webinar instead of being charged for it?
34:37 – Can I host an interview on Webinar Jam and then post it to a Facebook group?
41:27 – Are there any stats for sales tracking between Webinar Jam and Everwebinar?
46:26 – Which is the most compatible Mac for Webinar Jam?
50:28 – As a superadmin, can someone turn other presenters’ screen to full screen while they present?
52:43 – If YouTube is geo-blocked in a country, will that be an issue while taking part in webinar sessions?
1:01:48 – Can I switch between YouTube accounts to record webinars for personal as well as for my company?
1:07:20 – How can I do hybrid webinars?
1:15:10 – Is there a Just in Time option in Webinar Jam?

March 21, 2017

03:03 – What is new with Webinar Jam?
04:35 – Can I attach an external camera to an iPad to host a webinar?
06:19 – Is there a way to retrieve URL for the webinar stream from YouTube before going live on the webinar?
08:25 – How can I use Facebook pixel in Webinar Jam and Everwebinar?
11:36 – Is there a way to send more than one email to registrants depending on their behaviour?
20:26 – Is there a way to use both YouTube Live as well as Webinar Jam’s chat?
22:08 – How can I run a PowerPoint presentation with 5-6 presenters?
30:03 – Is there a phone number for Webinar Jam where I can call to get support?
31:50 – Why do customers need to enable monetisation when they can turn off the option to show ads on their videos?
33:58 – What is the lag when returning to the presenter from an injected video?
37:15 – Are all webinars streamed to YouTube?
40:50 – How can I integrate with Twilio?
46:26 – Will the delay between presenters and attendees disappear with Webinar Jam 3.0?
50:18 – Are there new features, updates or bug fixes by Webinar Jam?
57:50 – Can an attendees’ list be imported via email to Webinar Jam?

March 14, 2017

02:53 – Where is the registrants’ information stored?
03:56 – Are there any updates about Kartra?
06:49 – Is there a way to have a countdown on the registration page to create urgency?
07:57 – What are some of the best practices to account for the delay when ending the event with the chat still open?
09:52 – How to integrate with Hubspot?
10:40 – Is there a way to add a Phone Number field on the registration page?
14:25 – How can I set up the Google Analytics to see which goals have been achieved?
16:34 – How is the host alerted when an attendee asks a question on Everwebinar?
20:10 – How can I migrate to Jam Session Room?
29:00 – Where can I find the recording of my webinar?
29:09 – Is there any way to mute speakers in Jam Session?
30:43 – Is there any app to screenshare a banner (JPEG or PowerPoint) at the start and end of a webinar?
37:08 – The co-presenter sees only a grey screen and is unable to see the other presenters on the screen. How can this be fixed?
40:10 – Has Facebook changed its integration from pixel to code?
43:11 – Should I record my PowerPoint presentation beforehand and show that in the webinar or should I present it live? Which method is more reliable?
48:18 – Can the order of poll questions be changed?

March 7, 2017

00:31 – What is new with Webinar Jam?
04:54 – How to clone a webinar?
05:43 – How to add a post-webinar email to remind registrants about the replay?
08:50 – Does InfusionSoft enhance Webinar Jam?
10:38 – How does Webinar Jam switch to SkyLink?
12:11 – Is it necessary to use InfusionSoft?
14:09 – Which fields can you automatically send to ConvertKit besides name and email?
16:00 – If I convert a webinar in Webinar Jam 3.0 to an Everwebinar, will it still be password protected?
22:33 – If two webinars are scheduled to be live at the same time and they are integrated with InfusionSoft, how will the tags work?
24:55 – How can I have different tags for each session of my two-session webinar?
25:55 – What response rate do you get on post registration surveys?
38:32 – What is the difference between Everwebinar and a Webinar Jam replay?
40:56 – Can two people login as an admin using the same email address?
42:30 – If the owner of the webinar has a poor internet conenction, will it affect the whole webinar (with other co-presenters) or just their end?
45:14 – Do the statistics about replay have information about attendees who have watched both the live webinar as well as the replay?

February 28, 2017

03:07 – How to decide what content to show in Webinar Jam?
07:00 – If two people login as the same moderator, will it affect the YouTube video?
09:00 – One of the two presenters always has audio issues. How can this be fixed?
11:03 – Should the presenters use a wired internet connection or a wireless one?
22:30 – When is the new Webinar Jam coming out?
23:38 – Are there any plans to integrate with Facebook Live?
24:51 – How to pre-configure an offer?
27:17 – How can I do screenshare during a webinar?
32:26 – How do I set up deep integration with InfusionSoft?
41:18 – The stream is mirrored when presenting from Webinar Jam. How do I change that?
50:27 – Is there a standard laptop/PC that a person needs to host a webinar?
51:42 – How do I configure the webinar provider to be Jam Session?
01:00:39 – How can I set up my YouTube account to integrate with Webinar Jam?

February 21, 2017

06:57 – Is there a way to use more than one YouTube channel without changing it whenever we configure a webinar?
08:56 – Is it possible to use Webinar Jam without a YouTube account?
10:24 – When going live, my USB headset does not show in the browser. How can I fix this?
13:58 – How can I change the template image on Facebook?
18:07 – How do I share two video injections back to back during a live webinar? Will there be any delay in the clips?
18:56 – What are the extensions needed to host webinars on a Mac?
22:26 – Are there any updates about Facebook Live?
22:57 – Do I still need to clear cookies if I am opening the webinar in an incognito window?
23:40 – How can I get rid of the “click” sounds when showing a PowerPoint presentation?
27:01 – How can I make my webinar private?
35:11 – What do attendees see when they enter the webinar as a co-presenter? How can they turn on their mic and camera?
36:42 – Are there any plans to make webcam and PowerPoint presentation visible at the same time?
37:58 – Does Webinar Jam integrate with Eventbrite?
41:21 – How can I avoid audio sync issues?
45:03 – Can I only show one presenter maximised on the screen?
57:35 – What is the best day and time to host a webinar?
1:00:07 – Can I host a webinar using a smartphone?

February 14, 2017

02:40 – What’s new with Genesis Digital?
03:10 – Can I have different URL links for the same webinar for the purpose of tracking?
07:20 – What should a newbie keep in mind while using Webinar Jam?
11:00 – How many presenters can be see on the screen at a given point of time?
12:27 – Do I need a computer with high configuration to run my webinar?
17:11 – Can I have a registration page as well as one-click registration for my webinar?
21:15 – Are there any limitations using a mobile device with Webinar Jam?
22:13 – How do I resolve audio and video issues during a webinar?
25:43 – How can I screenshare during a webinar?
28:50 – Is it possible to have a sequence of pre-recorded webinars with Everwebinar and link them so that people only have to register once for all of them?
31:20 – Are the lower thirds still available in Jam Session?
33:56 – Can you run polls and offers during a video injection?
36:00 – Can I use Vimeo Pro videos on Registration pages and Thank You pages? What is the best way to get the MP4 to play on the page?
38:55 – Can I have an iPad as an extra screen for my Keynote presentation?
50:26 – Is the video injection available in the YouTube replay as well?
51:48 – Is there a way to get notified when someone signs up for an Everwebinar so that the host can live chat with the attendee as they watch the webinar?
58:23 – Which is a good platform for hosting course works where people can access content on a password protected platform?
1:00:24 – Is it possible to run a survey at the end of a webinar?
1:05:46 – When I opt out of an injected video, my attendees cannot see or hear me. How do I fix this?

February 7, 2017

01:10 – Are there any bugs with JamSession that we should know about?
04:25 – Is it necessary to have an autoresponder integrated to run a webinar?
05:20 – Which is the best software to automatically pop up a registration form on a new website (which is non-Wordpress) for subscribers to register for an Everwebinar?
07:19 – I have audio and video issues being out of sync. How can I fix this?
12:14 – My attendees see an error – Watch on YouTube. How can I fix this?
13:30 – How to share a PowerPoint or any other screen in JamSession?
18:15 – What is the best practice for selecting the mic and camera in Safari?
20:35 – Is there a specific place where I can integrate my PowerPoint slides into my webinar?
21:30 – If there are 10 presenters for a webinar, how can I show them all using JamSession?
23:25 – Are there any plans to show stats in Analytics for a particular date range?
24:25 – Is there a way Webinar Jam can insert lower-thirds on my behalf?
30:43 – My screen freezes during a one to one call. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
33:28 – Do you recommend people clear their cache after each session?
36:17 – How do I get access to JamSession? Are there any additional costs attached with it?
52:15 – When is the next JamSession upgrade coming? What are the additional features coming up?
59:24 – Are there any plans to have mass update video source function?
1:04:48 – How does auto-registration work?
1:12:29 – Do we still need to wear headsets while hosting a webinar?
1:14:00 – Do you have some tips for someone who’s hosting their first webinar?
1:16:47 – Are you going to integrate with Facebook Live with the new version?
1:19:54 – What is the best way to set up Webinar Jam? Should I use my existing YouTube account or set up a new brand channel?

January 31, 2017

00:36 – Latest update about Webinar Jam
02:13 – How do I use a Google Domain email address?
05:12 – How do I become a Beta or Alpha tester for Kartra?
08:40 – How can a beginner get started with Webinar Jam?
13:58 – My co-presenter could not see one of the injected videos (he saw a black screen instead). How can this be fixed?
25:15 – Can I find attendance record for a particular attendee for both live webinar and replay?
28:41 – I want to do live Q&As without any video. Are there any plans to do just audio where the attendees don’t have to be fully invited in?
30:58 – I am unable to proceed to Step 2 while setting up the webinar. The button is unclickable. How can I fix this?
32:28 – Is there a way to put the presenter’s thumbnail on the bottom of the screen during the live webinar?
33:40 – How do I reach the Concierge department?
38:33 – How do I conduct a workshop in Webinar Jam and make it private?
44:53 – What do most people use Webinar Jam for?
47:37 – Can I have a password protected webinar?
49:00 – Can I use a Vimeo video (instead of a YouTube video) in a hybrid webinar?
51:10 – I am using a PowerPoint presentation in full screen on a secondary monitor, but there is a black border in the replay. Is this normal?
53:22 – Is it possible to schedule the default video to start at a particular time prior to the webinar starting or schedule it to play several times before the webinar starts?
54:44 – In Everwebinar, when I test the replay as an attendee after a few minutes, an error appears “invalid parameters”. How can I fix this?
57:38 – When you do a screenshare of a file, do I use the button on the top of the screen or the one in the bottom?
59:45 – Is a breakout group on the list of feature requests?
1:01:29 – How do you maximize and minimize presenters?
1:06:22 – I am having trouble setting up my AdSense account. What should I do?
1:07:00 – I used the Live link to test my webinar and now it says “The webinar has expired”. What should I do?

January 24, 2017

02:33 – How can I record my webinar privately on YouTube?
04:13 – How do I use the Jam Session Room?
09:55 – Can I edit the chat comments in Webinar Jam?
10:53 – How can I stabilise the audio during a webinar while using Jam Session?
14:15 – Is Everwebinar a separate product from Webinar Jam?
14:45 – Where can I find the recording of my webinar?
16:40 – When I can easily do replays with Webinar Jam, why do I need Everwebinar?
29:35 – Can I do a split screen using the same computer?
31:32 – Does the pop back work also on screenshare from a video?
32:48 – How do I cover the whole screen during a screenshare?
34:04 – I have different post-webinar notifications set up based on the time the attendees viewed my webinar. Does the person who stayed for 30 minutes get only that notification or does he also get the 15 minutes notification?
35:15 – What tips do you have for saving the webinar in Vimeo in Webinar Jam and using that for Everwebinar? Can the chat still be used?
39:04 – Is it better to use a wired connection rather than a wireless one?
43:00 – What is the setup for multiple active speakers?
45:00 – Is there any article for creating an intro page that pops up before I go live?
48:58 – Should I still put in a 30 seconds delay while moving from live video to Webinar Jam to Everwebinar or is it built-in?
50:55 – Do the co-presenters have to be on a wired connection too?
55:52 – Can I move to Facebook Live at the end of my webinar to do a live Q&A?
59:14 – Do video injections only work with YouTube videos?
1:02:12 – Where can I learn more about Jam Session?
1:05:09 – How can I zoom in during a webinar?
1:09:30 – Can I have my own Thank You page in Everwebinar and Webinar Jam?
1:10:05 – How do I download the plugin?
1:10:31 – When will Kartra and Webinar Jam 3.0 be available?
1:12:24 – How exactly do we set up the Webinar Jam tracking code with PayPal?

January 17, 2017

01:30 – Can I download 0na MP4 file of my webinar before it goes to replay without all the stuff (such as chat, offers etc.) getting
03:45 – When I put my PowerPoint in individual window by making it full screen, I get a white bar at the top which says PowerPoint Slideshow and a bar at the bottom with the number of slides. How can I fix this?
06:24 – Is there a way to push comments set on a live webinar?
07:42 – I have different interests with different Gmail accounts. Recently, the webinar A (connected to Gmail A and YouTube A) was saved to YouTube B which was set for a webinar yet to happen. How do I fix this?
09:38 – Is Everwebinar a separate product from Webinar Jam?
10:34 – I changed the aspect ration of my PowerPoint to 16*9 and wide screen, but I still see the black bars on the side. How do I fix this?
11:50 – Can the webinar experience be smoother on smartphones?
14:25 – My webinar got cut off for some of the attendees (I was using Jam Session Room). How do I fix this?
16:32 – I used Everwebinar to get my hands on the replay of a webinar to edit it and make it a better quality video. I then screen-recorded the replay since I don’t know any other way to obtain the raw video. Is there an easier way? When doing that, the Everwebinar replay played for a while and then locked up but the YouTube version did not have any issues. So I screen-recorded the YouTube video. Any insights?
18:20 – Is there any news about the new Page Editor and when will it come out?
19:46 – I have 5 sessions in my webinar. The first 4 sessions are pre-recorded videos and the last one is a Q&A. Could you please explain the email integration process? Do I need to purchase MailChimp etc.?
22:50 – Is my YouTube crossover going to affect my Everwebinar?
25:50 – How can affiliates get private referral links and commissions on sales on the webinar?
29:40 – Can I add schedules to my webinar which is scheduled for Single Presentation?
32:01 – Is there a particular time in the day when your servers are busy?
32:50 – Who would you recommend for an email service to integrate with Webinar Jam?
35:52 – Is the technical team looking into the frequent screen freezing issue?
37:17 – If I were to make a private webinar, would it be private if I simply do not click on the webinar directory listing option?
39:59 – I have the ability to make a pre-recorded MP4 video on Amazon S3. I am given a code which I can copy and paste on any browser. Can I use this code and not YouTube to share my audio and visual content narrations in Everwebinar and Webinar Jam?
42:09 – What is Webinar Control and where can I find it?
43:00 – How can I convert my YouTube video to an MP4?
44:11 – Is there any way to have multiple cameras and switch between the two in Webinar Jam?
46:30 – I want an MP4 of my YouTube video for Everwebinar because I don’t want attendees to click on the YouTube logo and then subscribe to my channel. How can I do this?
48:45 – I had issues with my audio and video freezing in Everwebinar. The support asked me to reduce file size and recommended using Handbrake. Can you please explain how to use it?
52:39 – Do I need to switch off my camera and mic before I screenshare?

January 10, 2017

00:30 – What is the latest update with Genesis Digital?
02:53 – What do I do if I am unable to select my mic in the new Jam Session Room?
06:21 – What is the best way to get started with Webinar Jam?
24:00 – Is there still a time delay with Jam Session?
25:10 – All my email addresses from my server are blocked by the Webinar Jam server. What should I do?
30:00 – Can I invite an attendee as a presenter?
31:01 – Is there a way to use Open Broadcaster Studio or Wirecast with Webinar Jam?
37:52 – When an attendee is joining in as a presenter, can they still hear the rest of the presenters talking while they are going through the testing of mic and camera process?
39:36 – How do you get the welcome message to show in the call screen? And does it record in the YouTube video?
41:25 – If you invite an attendee in the Jam Session Room, their Google Avatar does not show. How can it be fixed?
42:46 – Can I redirect registrants to a custom Thank You page in Everwebinar?
45:28 – Can I make my webinar password protected for the registrants?
48:01 – When my admin logged in as a moderator, the answers given by them showed under the name of the presenter. How can this be fixed?
48:48 – Do I have access to the new Jam Session? How do I check if I am on the new version? Also, how do I use Jam Session?
51:08 – What is the difference between Test and Go Live?
53:00 – What are the different icons present in the chat area?
55:28 – If I can’t have a custom Thank You page, can I still have conversion tracking?
1:04:45 – When I hover over a person’s name in that chat, can I copy and paste their email ID or can I click on it directly?
1:06:44 – How can I have only my test webinars private?
1:08:10 – Is there any special plugin that people need to attend a webinar?
1:08:39 – Is there a way to know which registrants clicked on my offer but did not buy (and not just the number of clicks) in Analytics?
1:12:12 – How can I show my presentation in full screen?

January 03, 2017

01:23 – What is the latest update with the company?
02:31 – How do I use Keynote smoothly?
10:29 – Do I need to register with Google Plus and YouTube to host webinars via Jam Session Room?
13:27 – What is the easiest and fastest way to learn about all the new features of Webinar Jam?
17:20 – Can I change my replay expiration settings later on?
22:48 – Are there any plans to add controls the player so that a replay can be fast forwarded?
24:13 – Why do we have to setup YouTube for monetisation? Doesn’t that allow other advertisers to put ads in front of our videos?
28:44 – My AdSense account has not been verified yet. What should I do?
30:26 – Is it possible for a presenter to pause any injected videos so that it pauses for all the attendees?
31:45 – Can I use an external video camera in Keynote? I want to have a camera in front of me and a projector which shows the Keynote slides behind me.
37:49 – I have a paid webinar but YouTube is sending out notifications to my subscribers. How can I change that?
38:37 – What do I need to host my webinar from a different place than my home (due to poor internet connection?
39:45 – How do I split my screen to show all the presenters on the screen?
42:58 – Are the webinars from Webinar Jam repeatable on Everwebinar?
43:41 – Can I give an attendee the ability to speak in a webinar without giving them any controls over the webinar?
45:50 – I have set up Deep Integration with InfusionSoft, but the Tags section is not clickable. What should I do?
46:59 – In the Jam Session Room, how can I share my presentation on the main screen and have a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen showing me via my webcam?
50:05 – Is there a limit to the number of webinars I can keep in the replay mode?
51:37 – Can I change the webinar schedule if there are no registrants yet?
54:36 – Are there any new updates about Kartra?
57:15 – Does Webinar Jam or Everwebinar provide means to develop a website?
58:50 – If I clone a webinar and reschedule the dates, does it still affect the webinar?
1:00:40 – What are the pros and cons of using Vimeo Pro and Amazon S3 in Everwebinar? Also, are the videos clickable which takes attendees to the source video (say on Vimeo itself)?
1:02:36 – Can you add someone as a moderator to operate video injections, offers etc without appearing on screen?
1:06:08 – What is the best way to host a live webinar with a recorded encore so that the registrants only see the live date first?
1:09:53 – Can I send out additional emails to my registrants than the ones configured in the webinar settings?
1:16:12 – How can I give both the presenters admin access?
1:17:18 – Where can I find the replay file of my webinar?
1:19:28 – I have injected videos in my webinar. How do I get the replica from Everwebinar?