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Discover WebinarJam Studio

Built on one of the most powerful broadcasting technologies

Webinar Jam Studio Interface

WebinarJam Gives Google Hangouts The
Marketing Tools You Always Wish It Had!

Webinar Jam Feature Comparison
Webinar Jam Andy Jenkins

We all love Google Hangouts: they are rock-solid, easy to use and they never let you down. And now, enhanced by WebinarJam's incredible marketing features, the whole package is unbeatable.

Andy Jenkins

A Few WebinarJam Power Users...

Webinar Jam User Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author

Webinar Jam User Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker

Creator Of The Product Launch Formula

Webinar Jam User Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Online Marketing/Funnel Expert

Webinar Jam User Andy Jenkins

Andy Jenkins

Founder of Marketing Genesis

Webinar Jam User Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime

Founder of Marketing Genesis

Webinar Jam User Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson

Founder Of DotComSecrets And Clickfunnels

Webinar Jam User Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan

Entrepreneur Of Technology And Innovation

Webinar Jam User Anik Singal

Anik Singal

Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc.

Webinar Jam User Rich Schefren

Rich Schefren

Teacher, Writer, Entrepreneur

Webinar Jam User Pam Hendrickson

Pam Hendrickson

Speaker And Entrepreneur

Webinar Jam User Ed Dale

Ed Dale

Creator Of The Challenge & Ultimate Product System

Webinar Jam User Brad Costanzo

Brad Costanzo

Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, And Angel Investor

Webinar Jam User Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier

Creative real Estate Investing And Real Estate Investor Education

Webinar Jam User Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell

Founder & Creator Of Chris Farrell Membership

Webinar Jam User Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian

CEO & Founder At Productivity Strategies

Webinar Jam User Bryan Zimmerman

Bryan Zimmerman

Founder & Co-Owner JVZoo Affiliate Network

Webinar Jam User Tom Beal

Tom Beal

Founder of

Webinar Jam User James Dyson

James Dyson

Founder & CEO At OptimizePress

Webinar Jam User Nick Unsworth

Nick Unsworth


Webinar Jam User Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

New York #1 Bestselling Author

5,000+ Attendees? No Problem!

Webinar Jam Stats

Other Webinar platforms charge exponential fees as you grow your audience. WebinarJam does not!
Our Enterprise-level solutions are extremely reasonable. There's no "tax for success" here.

Schedule Your Webinars
...Like Whenever

Webinar Jam Flexible Scheduling

Create your webinars "on the spot" or schedule them for a later time. The system will automatically remind your registrants, via email and/or SMS, at your selected date and time.

You can even set recurring webinars!

Discover WebinarJam Studio

Built on one of the most powerful broadcasting technologies

Webinar Jam Studio Icons

Invite Co-Hosts... Easily

Webinar Jam Multiple Presenters

Do you co-host or co-present your live event with other peeps?

No problem! WebinarJam Studio™ allows you to add up to 10 simultanous speakers per webinar session.

Now any presenter can share their webcam or broadcast their respective screens for an awesome multi-presenter webinar experience!

Broadcast Anything You Want To

Share your webcam, your screen desktop, your
PowerPoint or Keynote presentation... anything

Broadcast exactly what you want to your audience - whenever you want to do so.

With WebinarJam Studio, you're in full control of what you want to display in your webinar. Now you can seamlessly switch back and forth between different video signals: a slide presentation, your screen desktop, your webcam, any specific application running on your computer, a Word or PDF document, etc. all with the click of a mouse

Webinar Jam Broadcasting Flexibility

Create Gorgeous Designs Without An Artist

Choose from dozens of mobile-ready and customizable registration templates

WebinarJam Gorgeous Designs Without A Designer

WebinarJam Studio comes with an extensive library of high-converting registration pages ready for your "fill-in-the-blanks" marketing skills.

Webinar Jam Paintbrush Icon

Each responsive template is mobile ready, so your registration page will look great on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

You can also embed the registration box into your own page with a small snippet of code if you prefer to use a custom design.

Consult, Teach, Communicate, Sell... Engage!

Built-in communication features keep your attendees connected to you

WebinarJam Studio™ allows you to chat in real time with your attendees, take their questions, cast polls and surveys, display promotional offers to maximize sales, send and respond to private messages, etc.

Now you can communicate, consult, teach and sell to highly-connected attendees with the click of a mouse.

Do It All From The Studio Control Center™

Your command console for everything that happens in your webinar

Everything you need to create and control your viewer's experience is now gathered in one highly customizable interface, which you can display in a separate browser tab, a dual screen monitor, or on a separate laptop.

Control all your features from one intuitive spot, or let a team member take the helm during your presentations!

WebinarJam Studio Control Center

Share The Floor With Attendee Spotlight™

Invite your audience as speakers on the fly

Webinar Jam Attendee Spotlight

You can engage and invite ANY of your webinar attendees to instantly join the broadcast at anytime! They will be able to speak, screen-share their desktop, their webcam, they PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, etc. Whenever they're done, simply click them back into "attendee-only mode."

WebinarJam Lightbulb Icon

Why is it revolutionary?

Because it makes consulting, teaching and Q&A a breeze: instead of a slow and impersonal chat interaction, you can have an actual live conversation with them.

You can also ask your best customers to share their experience with your products to obtain customer testimonials... live and in person!

See it in Action

The Video Engine For Hybrid Webinars™

Now you have the power to switch between Live Mode and Pre-Recorded Mode

Webinar Jam Hybrid Webinars Engine

Simply put: there's never been a feature like Video Engine™ in any Webinar Software.

WebinarJam i Icon

What is a Hybrid Webinar?

It's a webinar with both live segments and pre-recorded segments. The switch happens seamlessly, so for your audience everything happens as if it all was 100% live.

It's Like Your Personal On-Demand TV Studio

See it in Action

Sell More With Real Time Active Offers™

Pre-configure product offers, then display them during your webinar

Webinar Jam Real Time Active Offers Webinar Jam Active Offers

Say that you're using your webinars to sell or promote something... And you get to that point where you want people to actually BUY your stuff...

Wouldn't it be ideal if they could actually just click a button to buy it?

Well, now it is... Just pre-configure whatever type of offer you have, then display it in real-time on your attendees' screens when you're ready to pitch your offer.

See it in Action
Webinar Jam Urgency Timer

Display An Urgency Timer

It's a time-old sales technique: nothing boosts sales like a ticking urgency timer!

Now you can add a countdown timer to your Add-to-Cart buttons. No coding required: you just set your urgency duration, and when you click a button to display the offer, the timer starts counting!

Webinar Jam Scarcity Counter

Display A Scarcity Counter

With Scarcity Units Display, you can limit the number of units remaining in your offer in order to instill a pressing sense of scarcity.

WebinarJam Automatic Update

Update your product count automatically by posting a tracking code on your offer's "Thank You page."

WebinarJam Manual Update

Manual update

You can also update your product count manually as the sales roll in.

Recreate The Magic With Replica Replays™

Play your replays exactly as they happened live!

Forget about the same old, tired, boring Webinar Replays that everyone else is doing... Replica Replays™ lets you recreate the same excitement of your live webinar by "replicating" all the good moments that happened during your live presentation... EXACTLY as they happened!

Replica Replays™ enhances your replays by:

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Presenting them as an actual live "webinar room," just like a live presentation

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Including the original community chat, perfectly synchronized to your video/audio presentation

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Incorporating your Video Engine™ injections, Feedback Flow™ broadcasts and your Buyer Alerts, exactly as they happened

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Displaying Active Offers (Urgency and Scarcity included if activated) at the right moments

See it in Action Webinar Jam Replica Replay

Increase Attendance With Jams On Demand™

You create the content, our marketplace helps fill up the room!

Webinar Jam On Demand

Do other webinar services give you Traffic to your webinars? WebinarJam does!

List your webinar in our Jams On Demand™ Marketplace for free.

We've created a space where people who love attending, learning and buying from webinars can visit to stay on the cutting edge. It has become a place where someone can go to see "what's on the air" at any given time... further bringing more people into your webinars!

See it in Action

20,129 Customers Powered By WebinarJam

Here's What Some Of Them Are Saying...

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 1

Andrew Hunter WebinarJam user

Fantastic solution to the current expensive alternative. Love the simplicity and speed at which I can now launch a webinar with a built in marketing front end.

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 2

Michael Haup WebinarJam user

I've been using GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect Pro for some time but decided to try Google Hangouts instead. While the platform works very well, it provides none of the additional marketing requirements which WebinarJam provides.

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 3

John C. WebinarJam user

Fast, simple, and reliable - just what I wanted! As soon as I saw WebinarJam I realized what I was looking at, my wish come true!

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 4

Roger Deveau WebinarJam user

I am happy! Just got off of a four hour training using WebinarJam that made us over $xxxxxx!

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 5

Eduard Reformina WebinarJam user

Eduard here from Philippines. We had a very successful webinar last Friday. Thanks for the awesome updated versions of WebinarJam Studio. We really love the new features specially the replica replay and the broadcast question.

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 6

Dami OluwatoyinboWebinarJam user

Very easy to set up. I set up my first webinar within a few minutes of watching some of the help videos and there was no issue at all. Now, I look forward to hosting many more webinars.

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 7

David Simone WebinarJam user

I cancelled my longstanding grandfathered GoToWebinar $79/1000 attendees account for this.

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 8

John Hunt WebinarJam user

Very full-featured and robust solution. Love the registration front-end features. Templates are pretty too.

WebinarJam Customer Testimonial Image 9

Minor Arias WebinarJam user

I recently purchased the WebinarJam and have to say it is a great add-on for Google Hangouts. Overall I like it and find it very useful; specially for the chat function and the pop-outs (great feature)

* These testimonials are taken from actual customers, and they are taken as statements about the product itself and not the results you should expect. Each individual results may vary based on their own use.

Parlez-vous... Turkish? We Do!

Webinar Jam International Audience

Want to reach out to an international audience?

Just select your preferred language, and the system will automatically translate everything for you: the webinar registration page, the live room, the replay page, etc.

Register Attendees On Your Website

Keep control of your branding, your design, and your traffic

Easily display the webinar registration box on your website or blog using a short embed code.

Webinar Jam Registration

Hold Meetings Online With Ease

Webinar Jam Virtual Boardroom 1

Your online business is global... Now your meetings can be too.

Stop traveling for face-to-face meetings. Simply set up a WebinarJam online conference room, send the private invitation link to your colleagues, and let the meeting start right away!

Start meetings anytime, anywhere, within seconds: Setting up meetings for sales demos and collaborations on the go couldn't be any easier.

Webinar Jam Virtual Boardroom 2

Conduct Time-Saving Trainings

Training your team or your customers? No problem. Train your team using WebinarJam... from anywhere in the world!

With WebinarJam, your virtual meetings are inexpensive and efficient. Share your screen, a powerpoint presentation, share documents or files, etc... no need for a conference room!

Embrace Your Inner Stat Geek!

Get all your webinar analytics, right at your fingertips

Access detailed analytics about:

  • Green Checkmark Icon


  • Green Checkmark Icon


  • Green Checkmark Icon


  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Sales and revenue

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Earnings per visitor

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Earnings per attendee

Instantly download a full report with:

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Your registrants' names

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Attendee emails

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Customer phone numbers

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Whether they attended the webinar or not

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Whether they've watched the webinar replay or not

  • Green Checkmark Icon

    Whether they purchased or not

WebinarJam Full Analytics

Keep Registrants In The Loop

WebinarJam's communication features are on point!

Webinar Jam Email Reminders

Send automated email reminders of your webinar

Queue up a series of automated pre-webinar email reminders, to keep your event on their radar...

For example: you can queue up 4 email reminders to be sent out to all your registrants 48 hours, 24 hours, 6 hours and 15 minutes before the webinar, including a quick summarization of what the webinar will be about and the link to the webinar room.

Webinar Jam SMS Voice Message Alerts

Create SMS and voice message last-minute alerts

Configure the system to automatically SMS every registrant a few minutes before the webinar's scheduled date and time.

You can even pre-record a voice message asking them to log into the webinar room immediately, and the system will call your registrants right before the webinar and play that message.

Play Webinars On Any Device!

Webinar Jam Device Compatibility

Yes! Your registrants will be able to register and access your webinar no matter their device, operating system or internet browser.

PC or Mac... desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android... Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari... it doesn't matter, we're compatible with them all!

Create A Sense of Community
With Real-Time Chat

Give your attendees a chance to really participate!

Let them ask questions, overcome their objections, encourage participation, and engage your audience!

WebinarJam Studio's chat feature is a fully controllable communications device. Not only can you create a community chat room during your webinar, you'll also have complete control: allow/disallow questions, allow/disallow private messages, etc.

Webinar Jam Community Chat

Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!

No-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee

Webinar Jam 30 Day Guarantee

Our promise: Purchase today 100% risk-free because WebinarJam Studio comes with a Full 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply contact our friendly support desk and you will be promptly be given a full refund... No questions asked!

Time-Saving Trainings

Check out our triple your money back guarantee

Our promise: We are so confident that you will have more successful and more profitable webinars, while also giving your attendees a more enjoyable user experience, that we can make this following guarantee: if you are currently using GoToWebinar to sell your products with webinar marketing, if WebinarJam Studio does not add at least 20% additional revenue to your webinar revenue we will triple your money back.

How to Switch from GoToWebinar

WebinarJam Studio Features:

  • WebinarJam Unlimited attendees


    You can virtually pack thousands of people into your webinar... there's no limit whatsoever! And since our webinars are hosted in the cloud, they can take an almost unlimited number of people. Never worry again about "Max Attendee Limits" like the other guys.

  • WebinarJam Up to 10 simultaneous speakers

    Up to 10 simultaneous

    Conduct webinars with up to 10 simultaneous active speakers, all being able to broadcast their respective webcam, screen, or slide presentation. This is great for virtual summits which is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend in webinar marketing.

  • WebinarJam Detailed analytics


    Monitor every single metric: visitors, registrants, attendees, sales, earnings per click, earnings per attendee, etc. You can only improve what you measure so this data helps you profit more on each webinar that you do. Our analytics report is excatly what marketers need!

  • WebinarJam Export registrants list

    registrants list

    It's your Data, take it anywhere you want. You can Download a full list of your registrants, see who attended and who missed the webinar, who watched the replay, who purchased your products, etc. See all their details: name, email, phone, IP, etc.

  • WebinarJam Mass-redirect your audience

    your audience

    If you want to redirect your audience to any website at the end of the webinar, or if you want to open a new page in their own new internet browser mid-way through the webinar, all you have to do is to type the desired URL in your admin console, and it will open it up for them right away!

  • WebinarJam Pay-per-attend webinars


    Monitor every single metric: visitors, registrants, attendees, sales, earnings per click, earnings per attendee, etc. You can only improve what you measure so this data helps you profit more on each webinar that you do. Our analytics report is excatly what marketers need!

  • WebinarJam Automatically record your sessions

    Automatically record
    your sessions

    Your webinar session will automatically be recorded by the system and automatically uploaded to the internet so you can offer (or download) the replay video to your audience. You never have to worry about hitting that record button again... now quiet on the set!

  • WebinarJam Post-webinar target emails

    target emails

    You can automate targeted post-webinar emails, sending a different email to your registrants depending on whether they attended to the webinar, or whether they purchased your products, etc. Better, smarter targeting equals more post-webinar sales!

  • WebinarJam New STUDIO from the ground up

    New STUDIO from
    the ground up

    Rewritten from the ground up with the Larval Framework to be the most full featured and most reliable Webinar platform on the market, Period. The WebinarJam STUDIO upgrade gives you an easy to use interface, new landing page templates and tools that just work!

  • WebinarJam Public and private chat

    Public and
    private chat

    Each webinar room has a moderated chat box that you can turn public or private. With the power to mute users when needed, it’s the perfect tool to encourage interaction and to run Q&A!

  • WebinarJam Autoresponder integration


    We integrate with all the autoresponder companies in the market so you can funnel your registrants straight into your mailing list. Webinars are one of the best ways to build a list.

  • WebinarJam Push real-time offers

    Push real-time

    With the click on a mouse, you can display any offer, link or clickable button in front of your audience. These pop-in call to actions will boost your click-through-ratios through the roof.

  • WebinarJam Polls and surveys

    Polls and

    Launch polls and surveys at any point through your webinar with the click of a mouse, and receive your audience votes in real time. Hello priceless feedback!

  • WebinarJam Cross-platform compatibility


    Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android... we love them all! If it connects to the Internet then it connects to WebinarJam Studio. Everyone is welcome here!

  • WebinarJam Social media integration

    Social media

    Embed Facebook and Twitter share buttons in your webinar pages and see your webinars go viral so you can get more customers!

  • WebinarJam Webcam and desktop sharing

    Webcam and
    desktop sharing

    Run a webcam conference with built-in desktop-sharing features so you can easily broadcast your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

  • WebinarJam Embed the webinar window

    Embed the
    webinar window

    Embed the webinar window to your own website so your audience can watch your live/replay sessions directly from your own site. Market where you want.

  • WebinarJam One-click signup technology

    signup technology

    With our hot-link technology, you can register people into your webinar automatically if they click a mere link. Now registration is a breeze!

  • WebinarJam Responsive template designs

    template designs

    You don't need a programmer or a designer: simply pick any of our gorgeous built-in templates and you're good to go.

  • WebinarJam Your site, your design!

    Your site,
    your design!

    You can register people to your webinar straight from your own website under your own custom design and branding.

  • WebinarJam Email and SMS reminders

    Email and
    SMS reminders

    Send automated email and SMS pre-webinar reminders so nobody forgets to attend the webinar!

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